Nice to meet you! I’m Tania.

Manual Therapist. Massage Educator. Collaborator. Mover. Asker of Questions. Body Nerd. Sensory Word Processor. Information Distiller. ADHD warrior.

Founder of Pinpoint Education


I help humans feel better and teach others how to do that effectively, too.

We’re a good fit if you light up about no-nonsense, science-based approaches to massage + manual therapy, whether you’re on the giving, teaching, employing or receiving end of bodywork.

My whereabouts: Brooklyn, NYC, USA, Earth.

Se habla español.

Cell # 917-408-3370

The best way to connect is via email here.

Text message/SMS is second best. But whatever you do please don’t leave a voice message because it will get lost and I want to connect with you! (Voicemail is a ball I simply cannot juggle.) Thanks for understanding 🙂

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

—Leonardo da Vinci

Let me show you the shortcuts for how to comfortably and consistently outdo yourself, learned over 25+ years of trial-and-error.

It’s taken me over 2 decades to develop the “shortcuts” that will be passed on to you in a just a couple of classes 😉

Stuff I Teach and Practice

A little background

I’ve been at this since 1994, and first and foremost give thanks to my teachers.

Here’s my CV/resume (if you’re into that sort of thing). It was last updated during the 2020 lock down in NYC, because I really needed something to do.

If it’s one thing 2020 showed us it’s the unique importance of human contact, especially touch, for our mental health and physical well-being (often inseparable). My passion is sharing how this always-handy mainstay of life can go a really, really long way in helping to lighten someone’s load (that pun was absolutely intended).

Thank you so much for that class again! I loved it. My technique has changed; my patients love it.

— Olya Frederici, OPEN Bodyworker
Here’s a screenshot of the email containing the above quote (because you shouldn’t take my word for it):

Touch is an art of communication.

It’s a clear, universal, humanistic language understood even across species. Touch was the first medicine and until today, remains the go-to reflex for soothing discomfort and pain.

I teach the nuanced applications and translations of this language for different nervous systems.

But I don’t teach textbook protocols out of a box. I teach people how to teach themselves and just fill in the gaps.

I see more of what is going on around me because I am not concerned with finding a parking place.

Risa Mickenberg, Taxi Driver Wisdom
(and how ADHD brains generally operate)

So, if there’s a spark in you that’s itching for something uniquely human in your practice, let’s turn that spark into a supernova.

Meet some of my comrades!

That’s the rundown of what I love to do. And I love sharing it with peers who also love what they do. Some might call that “work”, but teaching and practicing manual therapy doesn’t feel that way to me. It feels more natural, like a fish swimming in its river.

So, running with the fish metaphor… I guess I’m the fish who shows its other fish friends the best spots to catch the currents for a much easier swim 🙂