Nice to meet you! I’m Tania.

Massage Practitioner & Manual Therapy Educator

Instructional Design. SME. People helper. Consultant. Collaborator. Mover. Asker of Questions. 

Founder of Pinpoint Education

I help people feel better and show others how to do that effectively, too

We’re a good fit if you light up about no-nonsense, science-based approaches to massage + manual therapy, whether you’re on the giving, teaching, employing or receiving end of bodywork.

My whereabouts: Brooklyn, NYC, NY, USA, Earth.

At your service

The best way to connect is via email here.

Text message/SMS is second best.

But whatever you do please don’t leave a voice message because it will get lost forever and I’d very much like to connect with you! Voicemail is simply a ball I cannot juggle. Thank you for understanding

Se habla español

Cell # 917-408-3370

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

—Leonardo da Vinci

It's taken me over 2 decades to develop the quick tricks and hacks that get handed over to you in a just a couple of classes.

Let me show you the shortcuts for how to consistently outdo yourself, learned over 25+ years of trial-and-error.

How I Roll

Stuff I teach, do, and practice

A little background

I’ve been at this since 1994 and first and foremost give thanks to my teachers.

Here’s my CV/resume; last updated during the 2020 lock down in NYC, and should be recent-ish enough.

If it’s one thing 2020 showed us it’s the unique, intrinsic value of human contact, particularly therapeutic touch, for our mental health and physical well-being.

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Thank you so much for that class again! I loved it. My technique has changed; my patients love it.

— Olya Frederici, OPEN Bodyworker
Here’s a screenshot of the email with the above quote, because you shouldn’t take my word for it:

Touch is an art of communication.

It’s a clear, universal, humanistic language understood across all species. Touch was the first medicine and until today, remains the go-to reflex for soothing discomfort and pain.

I help translate this language through nuanced nervous system engagement modalities and bring reliable data to back up how.

But mostly, I teach people how to teach themselves and fill in the gaps along the way.

I see more of what is going on around me because I am not concerned with finding a parking place.

Risa Mickenberg, Taxi Driver Wisdom
(and how ADHD brains generally operate)
If there’s a spark in you that’s itching for something uniquely human in your practice, let’s turn that spark into a supernova.

Meet some of my comrades!

That’s the rundown of what I love to do. Some might call that “work”, but massage and manual therapy feels more like playing to me, like a fish swimming around in its river.

So, going with the fish metaphor… I guess I’m the fish who shows its fish friends where to catch the best current for the smoothest, easiest swim 🙂